11 November 2012


Damn it. How did this happen? I seem to have got myself into the bind of providing Willow with a favorite toy. A toy that she now needs to take everywhere for comfort and play. Crap. I never had a toy like this when I was little and so I just did not see this coming.

Willow and Pig are now an extention of one another. It all stared when we moved Willow into her own room. I tucked Pig in with her for comfort. Pig would stay in the cot and was always only a sleep comfort. No harm there, I thought. Then recently, when Willow started nursery, I packed Pig into her bag and told the nursery nurses that he might help if she was upset. 

And there it is. Pig has now become Willow's most favourite companion. Surely this can only end badly. What happens when she drops Pig from the buggy and I don't see to pick him up? What happens when we leave him on the bus? What happens when I try to wash him and the machine chews him up? There will be tears and it will be my own making. 

How could I be so naive? 

It's well cute though.

*** I wrote this post on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon I took Willow out to the shops - she took Pig, naturally. On the way back I glanced down at her in the buggy and realised that Pig was not there. Talk about tempting fate. I had a frantic power walk back to the shops, looking under parked cars, checking every door step. THANKFULLY, Willow had dropped Pig in the last shop we had been in and the shop keeper was waiting to hand him back to us.

See, SEE?!


  1. I could have written the story about our girls, we had a almost identical situation with Olivia's Bunny. It definitely cute! (but also stressful should the precious thing go missing dum dum duuuuum) x

  2. Oh no! Could you buy a spare pig and interchange them from time to time? If one ever gets lost, there is always a spare :) x